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Skills: Empowerment

Read Acts 1:8

Jesus commissioned his disciples to reach the world with his message. Then, as only Jesus could, he gave them the power needed to succeed. He promised them the Holy Spirit, who would work through them to achieve God's plan. A few important observations about this passage can stimulate our thinking about empowerment.

First, Jesus did not promise his disciples authority or influence. Rather, he promised them "power," the only resource they really needed in order to succeed at the job he had given them. By promising to supply what they needed in order to succeed, Jesus empowered his followers.

Leaders can't literally confer power upon others. Delegating authority without resources does not automatically empower others. Leaders can, however, supply the resources and create the conditions that allow people to develop the power they need to do their jobs. Effective leaders think in terms of "enablement" and "freedom" in order to empower their followers.

A second essential to effective empowerment may be observed by noting when the events of Acts 1:8 occurred. Jesus had spent three years educating these men to lead the church. Only at the point at which they could properly manage the resource did Jesus empower them. Jesus invested time and energy developing these leaders. Then he supplied what they needed to accomplish the task he had given them. The leader who offers empowerment too early sets up followers for failure. On the other hand, the leader who fails to empower capable people creates frustration. Leaders should empower only people who are prepared.

How, in your setting, can you truly empower others to succeed?

Empowerment and Who God Is

Christianity is not a set of regulations and instructions but the key to a life-giving relationship with the person by whom and for whom we were created. It is not a matter of telling us what to do. It is rather a matter of God empowering us to be the people we were meant to be. Turn to Romans 8:1-39 to review the richness of the resources we enjoy through the indwelling Spirit of God.

Empowerment and Who I Am

As you look back over the course of the years, who are the people who have made significant investments in your life? In what ways have they empowered you? Conversely, what investments have you made in the lives of others? Turn to Titus 2:15 for a model of a man who personally equipped and empowered others.

Empowerment and How It Works

On Day 1 we looked at Luke's record in Acts of Jesus' empowerment of his disciples. Since this event reflects history's greatest moment of empowerment (think about it!), let's look at another account of it. Further principles of empowerment may be found in Matthew 28:18-20.

Empowerment and What I Do

Leaders do more than merely point people in the right direction; they empower them to do the job. Warren Bennie and Burt Nanus articulate the nature of empowerment and John 16:5-15 reveals Jesus' understanding and implementation of empowerment.

From: Bible Gateway Daily Devotionals


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